Best unlimited data plans 2021

Today our need for the Internet is extremely high, we want to surf the Internet, play games, and watch videos wherever and whenever we want. That’s why an unlimited phone plan is our ideal option, thanks to which you can not worry about unexpected network interruptions and expensive costs. In this article, we’ll talk about the best phone plans for 2021.

Verizon Play More Unlimited Review

Verizon’s list of the best unlimited mobile data plans takes pride in place. In addition to the standard terms of unlimited talk minutes and texts, you also get 15GB of high-speed internet, as well as unlimited calls and text messages to Mexico or Canada. With a premium subscription, you get as much as 50 GB per month, which is one of the biggest perks of any plan. The company recently improved its terms and offered inclusive entertainment perks to save your megabytes. But it’s worth remembering that a plan of this level has a hefty price tag, on average it will cost you $80.

T-Mobile Magenta Review

T-Mobile Magenta is a great family plan with favorable terms and conditions. This plan is reasonably priced and gives you 3GB per line with an additional subscription to Netflix and with a co-branded screen. It’s also worth noting that this plan guarantees you the most reliable cellular coverage in the country.

Mint Mobile 3 Month Unlimited Plan Overview

Mint Mobile for only $30/month offers you unlimited calls and texts and 5GB of mobile internet. Also, you’ll automatically have access to 5G Mint, which means you’ll be connected to the best network in your area.

It’s a 3-month plan, and you’ll have to pay the full amount all at once, but it’s still a great deal since you pay $30 for three months instead of $90.

Visible unlimited plan Review

Visible offers some of the cheapest plans and for just $40 gives you access to Verizon 4G LTE. If you invite a family member or friend, you can lower the price for the plan to $25. The only disadvantage may be that your data can slow down at any time due to the lack of a data transfer surcharge.

AT&T Unlimited Elite Review

The company has completely changed its tariff plan and now offers its customers a choice of three tariffs: “Unlimited for beginners”, “Advanced”, “Elite”. Extra” and “Elite” so that you can choose your ideal option. But keep in mind that no matter which plans you choose, you will always have access to AT&T’s high-quality network.  And the main advantage is that everyone will be able to pay only for those add-ons that suit him best.